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About us

Trexo Robotics creates robotic gait trainers to help children with disabilities be upright and taking steps with assistance. There are 4 sizes and each device is customized based on the child’s needs, such as gait patterns, angles, speed, assistance level and more. The Trexo detects when the child is resisting, initiating, or working with the robot. The percentage of initiation is tracked on the Trexo tablet and families can track this data over the time of their Trexo use.

The Trexo has 4 walking modes, strength, endurance, extensor tone, and backwards walking mode. Once families receive the device they will be trained by the Trexo customer success manager and have regular check-ins with them to ensure the best user experience.

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Trexo Robotics


Manmeet Maggu

CEO and Co-Founder

Rahul Udasi

CTO and Co-Founder


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