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IRegained is a digital neurotherapeutics (DTx) company that has developed an FDA-registered, patented, smart, digital rehabilitation system that helps patients “rewire” their brain through the power of neuroplasticity, empowering people who have suffered a stroke, TBI or musculoskeletal injury, reclaim unassisted use of their hands. The MyHand® System has been clinically validated and is now available for commercial sale.

The System is a “smart”, cloud-connected, mechatronic device with clinically-effective, targeted finger and hand training protocols that enhance neuroplasticity and accelerate recovery of lost hand function.

Patients have demonstrated an improved ability to grasp and perform basic activities of daily living after only a few weeks of therapy. The System also incorporates a scientifically robust, engaging and gamified interface to promote neuroplasticity and encourage adherence to rehabilitation plans.

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Vineet Johnson

Founder & CEO

Samir Sahoo

COO & VP Business Development

Joel Liederman

Head, Strategic Partnerships


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